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All You Need to Know about Fondant Cakes

You can add a professional look to a cake by using fondant over the cake. Many people may wonder; what is fondant? Well, fondant is a sugar based confection that can be rolled on to cakes. Usually, fondant cakes have an ultra smooth finish and an appealing appearance. Most professional cake designers usually use fondant on their cakes especially for wedding cakes. The best thing is that fondant can be attached to the cake with a lot of ease yet it will give the cake such a touch of style.

By trying to frost a cake using whipped or butter cream, it may be very hard to give your cake that appealing finish. You could have crumbs getting into the frosting of the cake. In addition, if the cake happens to be uneven, it may be hard to correct the cake using regular icing. This is where fondant comes in handy. Fondant is usually used to cover up cakes in a smooth layer and this helps in masking any blemishes and imperfections that the cake may have. Any layers in the cake that may be irregular are smoothed out by fondant. This is the reason why fondant cakes usually have a very regular finishing.

Compared to other types of cake, fondant cakes are very easy to decorate and alter thus adding a touch of authenticity to them. For instance, if you are making a cake for a wedding, you may have a fondant figure made in the image of the bride and also another made in the image of the groom. The fondant sugar free paste frosting can be molded into any image of your choice and the image is then mounted on the cake. On top of creating a fondant person, the fondant person can be decorated in a wide range of outfits so as to match the event d├ęcor. Especially when decorating a cake as a gift to a person, having a fondant figure made in the likeness of its recipient would indeed be a heartfelt addition. Indeed fondant cakes are a market leader!

The fondant cakes are available in a wide range of colors. When working with fondant, you can color it by kneading dye into the fondant. Alternatively, you could apply edible paint on the surface of the cake. By airbrushing edible paint onto fondant, you will be in a position to achieve a soft, hazy effect with the paint that is more even than the effect attained with a brush application.

Working with fondant may be a bit challenging and it requires skills and expertise for the best results. However, there are many experienced cake designers who have no problem making excellent fondant cakes. As long as you go for experienced cake designer, you can have a fondant cake of a life time!

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