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Using YouTube to Promote Your College

College departments that are tasked with the mission of conducting campaigns to attract and enroll students have more resources available that can be used at less expense than ever before. While traditional media like television and radio commercials, as well as print ads, still reach a potential target audience, they are very expensive to produce and broadcast or print. Turning to the Internet for online college marketing provides the potential to disseminate more information at much less of a cost, as well as reach an online savvy consumer with your college brand.

One of the ways many colleges have started online college marketing campaigns is to post informative video to social networking sites such as YouTube, as well as embedding video on college website blogs. There is a lot more room to maneuver and relay information in a YouTube video, which can contain a diverse number of attractive promotions that just cannot be instilled within a 30-second television spot.

Consider the difference. One popular Midwestern college advertises regularly on television showing non-traditional students as they sing a 20-second song about how much the institution has benefited them. Compare that with a YouTube presence that can host a series of videos without the cheese factor, providing real information about the campus, the student life, the academic programs available, and more.

Another popular Kansas City television commercial that has been around for decades features a young woman at a job interview. She is asked about her various skills and experience. In response to each question she replies in the negative, but responds, “But I have a brilliant personality!” Obviously, no one hires employees based on personality alone. Compare that skit with the ability to profile on video several real, positive, successful, vibrant personalities who are learning new skills on your college campus and how the school is benefiting them. As an online college marketing tool, the two really do not compare. A serious student will identify more with the latter.

The potential for including YouTube as part of an online college marketing campaign is enormous. The videos can be longer and more flexible, and your primary target consumer is going to look for content there, as well as on the college website or blog. Ultimately, being absent is a major loss for online college marketing.

Moreover, YouTube provides information on the number of visits and subscribers, and since YouTube is owned by Google, hosted content can easily be followed through the use of Google Analytics providing the opportunity for further marketing analysis and improvement of your online college marketing initiatives.

Using the power of YouTube in your online college marketing creates great potential for dispensing more information at much less expense. SEMGeeks.net has the expertise to reach your online savvy demographic with your college brand through various strategies.