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Top 3 Advantages of Having Towel Warmer in Your Bathroom

Did you know that towel warmers can save a troubled-relationship? A damp towel is not only very bad for your health but can also result in relationship break-ups! According to a study conducted on 160 people by the Department of Communications at Louisville University, Kentucky, leaving a damp towel in the bathroom was found to be one of the major issues of “de-romanticisation”. According to several researchers, the habit of leaving a wet towel in the bathroom may seem a minor issue but can be perceived as a failure of character and destroy a long term relationship.

Therefore, if you feel that your partner is getting irritated because of you leaving a damp towel in bathroom, get a towel warmer installed and become a hero once more. While this may not be reason enough, the following information reinforces the need to get a towel warmer for your bathroom.

Benefits from Towel Warmers

If you have decided to renovate your bathroom do not forget to choose electricity-efficient towel warmers. Towel drying devices are specially designed with racks to dry your towel soon after you use it. The following are some advantages of having a towel warmer at home:

Relaxation: Wrapping a warm dry towel around you after shower offers immediate mental relaxation.

Cost effective: Towel warmers can help in saving money. Your electricity and laundry bills will lessen with the lessening need to dry wet towels and clothing. Most of the towel dryers available on market nowadays consume 35W to 150W. Power consumption in new drying devices is much less when compared to conventional dryers that consume more than 300W of electricity. According to the power consumption experts, you can save at least of 15 cents a day by using towel dryers. During winter months, a nice warm towel after a shower can even lessen the need to run the heat so high in your home.

Safety: Moist air breeds a playground of harmful germs. People living in regions where humidity is high often complain about having problems with various communicable diseases. According to medical practitioners, towel warmers can help get rid of these problems.

Moreover, having a towel warmer creates a modern and luxurious feeling to your bathroom. Installing a towel warmer is a one-time investment, in which you’ll reap benefits for years to come.

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