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Dealing with Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a dire health issue that’s caused plenty of people a wealth of problems over the years. It is the most common problem associated with dental work, but what exactly causes tooth decay, and how can it be prevented? Failing prevention, what are the best treatment options available for this kind of oral health problem once it sets in? There are dentists all over the place—from Modesto to all other parts of the country—who are at the ready to help treat tooth decay; but it still pays to know how it occurs and exactly what your options are.

Tooth decay is caused by an infection that results in the degradation of the tissue that comprises the teeth. This infection is usually bacterial in origin. The severity of tooth decay varies significantly from person to person, depending on the size and shape of their teeth. Obviously, oral hygiene habits play a large role in the outcome of a cavity, as well, so individuals who take better care of their teeth may not have to worry about an unreasonably high level of degradation. All forms of tooth decay occur when acid demineralization happens faster than the saliva and other materials are able to remineralize the teeth, and this usually happens on parts of the teeth that are exposed to leftover food.

There are a few ways to treat cavities should they ever form in your teeth. Most all dentists are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to get the job done. Now, sadly, the tissue destroyed by tooth decay never fully grows back on its own. If the lesion is particularly small, fluorides can be used to aid in the remineralization process. Dentists will be more than willing to clean your teeth for you, which will hopefully encourage positive changes in the structure of the affected tooth. For larger lesions, filling the cavity is one of the most common solutions; however, its efficiency is doubted by some people because the process may have to be repeated multiple times due to the fact that the filled site is often vulnerable to continuous decay. For this reason, early treatment is usually considered the best option.

There’s nothing quite like eliminating the threat before the problem has the opportunity to grow. The best treatment for a cavity is to prevent one from occurring in the first place. Since rapid demineralization is the main cause of tooth decay, and fluorides are used to boost remineralization, brushing thoroughly and regularly is a good way to prevent lesions from developing. Furthermore, flossing is also an excellent practice, since it removes the residual bits food that can contribute to degradation.

Begin routine dental care when kids are young—and if you’re already an adult and you’re not on a routine schedule, begin one as soon as possible. Dentists in Modesto are willing to help you resolve whatever current problems you may be experiencing, as well as teach you how to prevent future problems.

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