What Does Physical Therapy Pittsburgh PA Entail?

After an injury or surgery, the physical mobility and well being of most patients is affected. There is no better way to restore your physical vigor than through physical therapy. There are many treatment options that are utilized by physical therapists in restoring the well being of patients. You have to work with professionals and qualified therapists who understand the mechanics of the body very well. Experienced professional therapists may have handled numerous therapeutic cases before some even similar to yours. Therefore, they are well placed to handle your case competently. The treatment procedure is developed with an aim of restoring the weak areas of the body to good health.

One of the most common treatment procedures that is employed during physical therapy Pittsburgh PA treatment is that of stretching the muscles and the joints. The stretching is mainly conducted manually by the physical therapist. Physical therapists normally use natural treatment procedures that are also non invasive. For instance, a physical therapist will not subject you to medication. By the use of his/her hands, the therapist will stretch and massage your joints and muscles. This greatly helps in improving the joint flexibility as well as the mobility of the joints.

After accidents and other injuries, most people may suffer from weak bones and muscles. Weakness of the leg muscles for instance could hinder you from walking. Such weak muscles and joints can be corrected through strengthening exercises. This is a common physical therapy treatment procedure. The strengthening exercises are very effective in restoring the strength of the patient and endurance of the muscles. Before getting started with therapeutic treatment, the therapist must consider the health history of the patient. For instance, post operative patients require a lot of caution as they are very sensitive and have several limitations. They have to be well handled during the therapy sessions.

Another physical therapy Pittsburgh PA procedure that can be utilized is that of electrical stimulation. Electrical currents are gradually passed through the affected areas. This could be a muscle and it could also be a joint. Current is passed through these areas and it has a healing effect. Patients suffering from pain, numbness or even inflammation of the joints and muscles can greatly benefit from this treatment procedure.

The physical therapy could also make use of other physical therapy procedures such as the ultra sound. The sound waves utilized cannot be heard with naked ears. However, they have a great therapeutic effect on the body and greatly help in restoring the patient.

It is the duty of the therapist to decide on the best physical therapy procedure to adopt on a patient. The treatment procedures adopted may differ from one therapist to the other. The treatment procedure will also depend on the illness of the patient.

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