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Get that enviable figure by dressing right!

Women and fashionable clothes are two sides of the same coin. Women and their association with attractive clothes can be traced back to the ancient times. Women are known to sport different types of clothing and accessories to enhance their beauty and bodies, but not all women who know how to dress impeccably. There are some who might have the best looking clothes in their wardrobes but have a disfigured body. It is important for women to realize what kind of clothes suit them and the type which they can carry off with panache. The big apple – New York, has always been known as the hub of trendy clothes and styles. There are many stores which offer good women’s clothing options in New York, NY.

This guide will help you choose the right clothing option for your body type. Women can be put in five categories of body types for them to understand which one they fall in. The first body type is known as apple shaped figured. This body type typically has women who are blessed with a heavy upper body and a slim lower body. Such women need to wear clothes which will take people’s attention off their heavy upper body. Such women should opt for V-necked tops and t-shirts which will accentuate their upper half and make it appear thinner. They should also opt for jackets and shrugs. The second category is the pear shaped category. Women who fall in this category carry extra weight on their lower bodies. As additional weight on hips and thighs become highly noticeable, they need clothing which emphasizes their torso. Such women should opt for darker colors as darker clothes have a slimming effect on the body. When you are out for shopping you can ask the store consultant and attendants to help you get perfect women’s clothing in New York, NY to compliment your figure.

Slim and short women, albeit well dressed, tend to get ignored because of their stature. What these women need are clothes that make them look taller. Such women should opt for tops which are V and U shaped. These women must also go for long flowing clothes that are light in weight. Short skirts need to be avoided as petite women do not have long and slim legs. These women should keep it simple and avoid wearing heavy jewelery and accessories. Rectangular shaped women have good bodies and can experiment with clothing. As such women have good figures, they can wear long skirts and printed and long dresses. The hour glasses shaped women are luckier than all the others as they possess bodies which are envied by women and appreciated by men. As they have a curvy body, they can go for halter tops, tight fitting jeans and other types of clothes which enhance their figures. There are many stores which sell some highly attractive and exotic women’s clothing in New York,NY.

To bestWomen’s Clothing New York, NY way to buy women’s clothing in New York, NY is to dedicate a good three to four hours on a weekend and look at all types of clothing designs and options available in NY