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Electrosmog Is Present In Our Homes And Offices At Astonishing Levels

The term Electrosmog is used to represent the non-ionizing radiation is emitted from all electrical devices including common every day small appliances like dimming light switches, hairdryers and electric razors as well as large appliances including microwave ovens, televisions, dishwashers and computers. Above ground power lines emit radiation levels throughout our neighborhoods releasing potentially dangerous levels of radiation. We are all subjected to non-ionizing radiation in our homes and places of work; the risk comes from a variety of sources which we outline below.

Sources Of Electrosmog In Your Home

There are many sources in the home including large and small kitchen appliances, lighting, telephones, computers, televisions, satellite dishes and personal grooming electronics. But there are also some items in the home that aren’t often considered a threat to your health, they include dimming light switches, MP3 players, baby monitoring systems, the home’s wiring, and more. Indoor electrosmog is drastically increased by the number of electrical products and appliances plugged into home outlets. Of course, there are also things unfortunately homeowners can’t avoid such as the proximity to high voltage power lines and businesses with radio equipment or satellite equipment in use. It seems today, whichever direction you turn, you are faced with the threat of electromagnetic fields producing radiation.

Sources of Electrosmog in Your Office

In office buildings non-ionizing radiation is created by everything from elevators and power supplies to radar equipment, coffee pots and phone systems. This of course is in addition to all of the products in the home that emit electromagnet fields with radiation. Today, there are many products available for both office and home use that can dissipate and protect users from the toxicity levels created by electronics. Electrosmog has become a real threat to our health and wellness.

The Effects of Electrosmog Are Not Fully Recognized

Researchers across the world are currently studying the adverse health effects caused by electromagnetic fields. While further and more in-depth studies must be conducted, preliminary reports suggest a casual relationship between exposure and an increase in some cancers. Electrosmog is believed to cause the human immune system to falter in addition to destroying DNA strands. The destruction of DNA can lead to a variety of chronic conditions including cancer.

Cancer, suppressed immune system function, impaired hormone production, and nervous system disruption can all be caused in part by electromagnetic fields emitting radiation. Our homes, offices, schools, churches and anywhere with electrical equipment are all havens for harboring dangerous non-ionizing radiation. State-of-the-art electromagnetic field protecting products are available to help guard you and your family against the dangerous side effects of Electrosmog.


As our world continues to expand its use of electrical devices, the health & wellness threats from the radiation produced will increase. Electrosmog is created by everything from high-voltage power lines to the laser printer on your desk. For more information visit Domain.

Electrosmog is invisible pollution consisting of electromagnetic radiation & is dangerous. Get more information about how to protect your family against electrosmog by visiting Domain.