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Three Important Points to Consider when Renting Bounce House in Miami, FL

A birthday party being planned generally has a bounce house included. Bounce Houses in Miami, FL, are a big hit among the children. However, the current diversity in the culture and the design of the games makes it a little difficult to find one particular bounce house that will be perfect for your party. There are varieties available in the inflatable houses with different characters from Disney that tend to be an attraction for the young ones.

However, there are certain important factors that need to be taken into consideration before you decide to rent a bounce house in Miami, FL.


The first and the foremost rule of renting a bounce house in Miami, FL, is to ensure that it is up to the hygiene standards. There are many companies who tend to be careless about the cleanliness and the hygiene of the houses which could be harmful to the kids. This is why it is essential to check the condition of the inflatable when you need to plan to rent it. Also check if the company is ready to give you a guarantee of its cleanliness.


When renting a bounce house, you need to check if it is safe and suitable for your kids. Each inflatable has a certain number of accommodate for kids, which also needs to be taken into consideration while counting on the number of invitees to your party. Another level of categorization is the age of the children it can accommodate. While kids aged between three to seven can require an inflatable that is relatively soft and has a low structure, the kids between the age of eight and twelve require an inflatable that is considerably stronger and at a comparatively higher level.


The cost of renting an inflatable change is based on the type of the bounce house required and the company you hire it from. There are many companies discounts during certain festive seasons which you can take advantage of. However, it is necessary that you make a comparative study of the different companies and the rates and schemes that they are ready to offer you.

Ensure that you rent the inflatable from a reliable company with a good reputation for their services. It is preferable that you avoid companies which provide cheap rates as they generally have no concern about hygiene and the safety of the children. Do not compromise on the quality and the safety just to save a little money.

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