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Mom’s Little Helper: The Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Point and shoot digital cameras have ushered in a new era of photography on many levels, but probably none so much as baby and childhood photos. While Baby Boomers and their children have stacks of photo albums and framed photos documenting each year in school, as well as the annual pilgrimage to the professional photographer’s studio, those tended to be the showcase photos. Images that were snapped in between with the family 35 mm were more like enhancements to the photographic mile-markers. Point and shoot digital cameras offer the best of both dynamics.

Point and shoot digital cameras provide an enhanced experience for the beginning photographer, and for more experienced photographers, varying levels of features are available. Twenty years ago, new parents often had to invest in a 35 mm camera in addition to a video camera in order to capture still and video imagery. Most point and shoot digital cameras today, however, provide full HD video capability, and with the right software, stunning images can potentially be unearthed from video stills.

While professional photography is still enjoyed, there are moments and experiences and new discoveries on a daily basis—with accompanying body language and facial expressions—that can never be replicated in a studio. Images of the baby having his first bath, or the first time he takes a step, or those precious millions of opportunities that happen throughout the course of every single day with your child from tender moments with Grandma to vivid displays of sibling rivalry to the way she holds her mouth when she sleeps. Point and shoot digital cameras make it possible to not only capture so many of these moments that were once kept alive only in our memories, but the technology ensures that the photos are crisp and of high quality.

Point and shoot digital cameras offer a range of features, but most basic among them will include the ones that matter most, such as optical zoom, optical image stabilization, auto settings for lighting, as well as automatic shutter speed adjustments to accommodate the type of action taking place … are these features and more are available in point and shoot digital cameras. And speaking of features, here’s a tip for every parent: Learn to use your “continuous shooting mode.” Continuous shooting is a nice perk to have because, let’s face it: Many of a child’s most priceless and photogenic moments come between points and clicks. With continuous shooting, you simply hold down the shutter and the camera captures a burst of images in relative rapid fire speed.

And we do, of course, live in a digital, online age. With most everyone staying in touch with friends and family via Facebook and other social media, digital photos are a critical part of keeping up with each other. Grandparents across the miles enjoy seeing their grandchild’s new daily exploits, as do our friends and other family members. But probably not quite as much as we enjoy sharing them.

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