Feline Myth: Cats Groom Themselves Adequately

Dog owners in Louisville, KY, especially ones who have longer haired dogs, know that they will make frequent trips to the groomers to tend to the grooming needs of their pet. Likewise, most cat owners think that they are immune from having to find groomers for their pet. However, that is one of the biggest myths of feline ownership. It simply is not true that cats can adequately groom themselves. Despite their independent natures, most cats need help with their grooming, and longhaired cats definitely need to go to the pet groomers on a regular basis.

Except for the very shortest of haired cats, a cat’s fur can become matted very easily if it is not tended to regularly. In addition, cats with long hair often need help in keeping their faces cleaned and free from mats. Mats are especially dangerous because pet owners should never attempt to clip them from a cat’s fur. Cat’s skin is paper-thin, and it is not connected to the muscle tissue underneath. If a pet owner attempts to cut the mat out with scissors, the cat’s skin will most likely be cut, and then it will tear very easily.

It is even necessary, on occasion, for cats to be given a bath. As with any pet, a cat’s coat can become greasy, laden with dirt, or the cat can get into some substance that needs to be washed with soap and water. Many people think that cats will always keep themselves fastidiously clean. However, there are areas that a cat has trouble reaching, and there are substances that even a cat’s abrasive tongue cannot extract from the fur.

However, even when a pet owner realizes that a cat needs grooming, that does not always mean that the pet owner wants to be the one doing it. Let’s face it: Most cats are not going to eagerly jump into the tub for a nice, luxurious bath. And, many will not even hold still for a good brushing to detangle long fur. For those occasions, fortunately, there are professional cat groomers to take care of a pet’s fur.

When looking at groomers for your cat, check to see what kind of training they have had and whether any of it was specific to your particular pet. You can also inquire as to how long they have been operating in the Louisville, KY area. One incredible advantage when it comes to pet groomers is if they provide a mobile service. Mobile pet groomers in Louisville, KY come to you so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of getting your cat into the car and getting to and from the groomers.

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