Auto Paint: What’s in a Name?

Your car is one of your biggest investments. You worked hard for it, you picked it out, you paid for it (or are paying for it). You even went to great lengths to choose just the color you wanted. Whether it is Anaconda Green, Blue Flame, or Truffle Mica, your auto—including its color—says something about who you are.

Wait … Truffle Mica? Yes, “truffle mica” is a current color of auto paint. Gone are the days when you picked a red, blue, or even black car from the showroom lot. In marketing efforts that have cost millions of dollars, auto manufacturers have upped the ante when it comes to paint colors and their names. To some extent, it is kind of cool to know that you’re blazing down the road in a Molten Orange sports car. On the other hand, if you take your car to an auto repair shop and ask them to match the paint, they may not have a can of Molten Orange just sitting around.

In fact, auto paint doesn’t work anything like other paint. When you paint a room in your home, you normally have a can of basic white paint that tints are added to at the paint store. When the tint and the white are mixed together, you get the hue for your living room. Auto paint works more like airbrushing. With auto paint, resin, solvent, and pigment (which comes in powdered form) must be blended together in just the right amounts so that the paint will adhere to your auto, be the right color, and cure properly. Repair shops must match the pigments that they have to all of the many variations that exist among automobile manufacturers. Consequently, it can be difficult to get a perfect match.

If you want more than an “almost” match when you take your vehicle into an auto repair shop in Harbor City, CA, you will want to inquire as to whether or not they can get an exact color match. If your auto has “New Sable” as its color, it will not matter so much if the repair shop calls it New Sable, so long as it looks exactly the same. The name does not matter so much, but the color does. You do not want to pay good money for a paint job on your car only to have someone look at it afterwards and be able to tell exactly what parts were touched up.

If you need a paint job or a touch-up on your auto, contact a repair shop in Harbor City, CA that does expert color matching today and get your Anaconda Green vehicle on the road in no time.

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