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What to Look for in a Dialysis Chair

Dialysis is a process that removes excess water and waste from the blood. The procedure is very commonly conducted on patients who suffer from decreased kidney function due to renal failure. During dialysis, the patient must be seated in a dialysis chair, which is specially designed to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

If you are in need of a dialysis chair or if your medical center requires these chairs, it is important that the product that is purchased is high quality and will last for years and years.

Qualities to Look for in a Dialysis Chair

When buying a dialysis chair that will be used at home, in a hospital, or in a doctor’s office, there are several different qualities that the chair should have in order to ensure that it is dependable and worth its price tag. Consider these qualities to narrow down your choice of the best dialysis chair:

* Comfort. One of the most important qualities that a dialysis chair needs to provide is comfort. The process of dialysis can take hours and during this time, the patient must be sitting. This means that the chair must be extremely comfortable and accommodating to the patient who is using it. With comfort in mind, it’s best to determine what the patient prefers, such as the material of the chair or how soft it is.

* Arm rests. Any dialysis chair you purchase must have arm rests. Despite the added comfort of having an arm rest, they are a needed portion of the chair so that the puncture site on the arm can be easily located and accessed during the dialysis process. The arm rests will also need to be used to support the arm during the treatment.

* Full reclining position. While sitting, most people like to be able to recline a little for added comfort and relaxation. During dialysis, there is a need to have a chair that reclines all the way back. This is needed in the event that the patient experiences a drop in blood pressure and needs to be positioned in a way that the head is below the level of the feet.

* Dark and easily cleaned fabric. Since dialysis involves blood and other body fluids, it’s helpful if the dialysis chair is covered in a dark material that is easily cleaned. Vinyl is a wise option to choose from to ensure that the chair remains clean and that any stains are easily masked.

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