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The Importance of Bariatric Seating

Today, bariatric practice has become one of the most rapidly growing parts of the wide-span health care field. In a society with all-time high obesity rates, the need for bariatric products is on the rise in order to accommodate people of larger sizes. Bariatric seating is one of the most commonly requested and required products. Since normally designed chairs are not made to comfortably seat someone of a larger size, bariatric seating is require in doctor’s offices, restaurants, shopping centers, places of employment, and anywhere that seating is required. Bariatric seating is especially important in healthcare clinics as well as in employment locations.

Accommodations Provided by Bariatric Seating

Bariatric seating is just like normal seating with the exception that they are meant to hold heavier people. This changes the exterior and infrastructure of the chair. Since bariatric patients tend to be a lot heavier than the average man, bariatric seating is made with the purpose to handle the weight and the size of an obese person. This means that not only are these chairs much wider compared to normal chairs, but their overall structure must also be built with much more durable materials that are sturdy enough to withhold excess weight.

What to Look for in Bariatric Seating

If you are considering purchasing bariatric seating, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind before spending your money. The seating you purchase needs to meet the wants of needs of not only yourself but of those who will be using the seats. Look for these qualities when purchasing bariatric seating:

1. Consider the total weight capacity of the chair. Since bariatric patients can range from 300 lbs. to 700 lbs. and more, it’s crucial that the seating you purchase is able to withstand this high amount of weight. Before buying any type of bariatric seating, ensure that it holds at least 500 lbs., if not more. You don’t want to purchase seating that isn’t able to accommodate someone.

2. Check the gauge of steel. Since bariatric seating is meant to hold higher amounts of weight, the gauge of the steel used should be much higher when compared to the standard types of steel used in other chairs. Be sure that the steel used is quite durable.

3. Overall safety and ease of use. Bariatric chairs need to be comfortable with a supportive backing and handles that can be used for easy sitting and standing. The entire structure of the chair should be safe, sturdy, and mobile.

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