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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summertime, when the living is easy! But the damaging UV rays of the sun can be hard on skin without proper skin care in Marina Del Rey CA. Here are a few summer skin care tips that prevent sun damage, breakouts and leave your skin looking and feeling fresh.

Don’t skip the sunscreen. A common mistake that women make when it comes to summer skin care in Marina Del Rey CA is thinking that the SPF protection found in some foundations or powders is enough. Most types of make up are not sweat proof, however and can quickly become diluted on wear off completely leaving your face unprotected. Instead, try applying a moisturizing lotion with at least SPF 15 before applying your makeup; or better yet, apply an all day, waterproof sunscreen, forget the heavy foundation and use a bronzing powder to even out your skin tone on hot summer days instead. Another alternative, use a gradual self tanning lotion with SPF on your face and neck each day.

To prevent unsightly breakouts, look for sunscreen that is labeled “oil free.” This will prevent your pores from becoming clogged. If you see the word “sheer” on the packaging, this does not necessarily mean that it is oil free. Sheer sunscreen is a great product and doesn’t look heavy or greasy, even on dark skin tones, but it often still contains oil. Whatever product you choose, be sure to wash your face thoroughly every evening to keep your pores clean and banish breakouts.

Hydrate your skin. Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated on a hot summer day. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you should also consider using a facial mist with natural minerals in it for summer skin care in Marina Del Rey CA. When you sweat, you lose minerals which are necessary for healthy skin. A hydrating mineral spray will calm skin, giving it a more even complexion and leave you with a glowing, dewy look.

Continue to get regular facials. Many women are diligent about getting facials during the winter months when their skin is dry, but forgo them in the summer months. Getting regular facials or even a light peel from a licensed esthetician is just as important in the summertime, however. This will remove dead skin cells, even out dull or discolored spots and draw out excess oil from your pores.

Getting regular facials and using proper skin care in Marina Del Rey CA will rejuvenate your skin. For more tips, visit a day spa or beauty bar that specializes in skin care in Marina Del Rey CA. A licensed esthetician can give you a skin consultation and work with you to develop the best skin care regimen for your needs.