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How To Buy Bedside Cabinets With Discounts From Your Home

People are continuously looking for better ways to improve their home dcor and furnishing. The furniture industry in the US was worth over $17 billion in 2010. The transportation and shipping industry for this huge volume of furniture alone was about $7 billion for the year. But with such a huge market, there is an increasing amount of competition that companies are facing. With various furnishing items like bedside cabinets, coffee tables, and chairs; companies are coming up with new types of products every year!

There are various kinds of material being used for furniture today. From special fiber to cheaper plastic versions, wooden and metal furniture, to more exotic material are being used to make furniture. Small products like bedside cabinets that sell more often than larger products like beds and sofas are mostly manufactured from steel, aluminum, plastic and synthetic fibers, or wood.

From the consumers’ point of view, buying furniture online has many more conveniences over conventional shops and showrooms. A showroom can only have a limited number of products on display at a time. Since these products are space consuming and require delicate handling, a showroom can only give a consumer a few choices. But online virtual ‘showrooms’ can display a huge variety of products from multiple manufacturers. The consumer has better security and service on delivery as well when shopping online. Payment for Internet shopping is also easier, as surcharge free purchase is possible on credit cards.

On the manufacturers’ point of view, not having to invest in showrooms and extra shipping means big discounts can be offered on their products. Bedside cabinets, chairs, beds, and all possible furnishing can be found for great bargains online. In fact, the growth of online shopping industry overall grew by about 15% post recession. In the pre Christmas weekend, online retail in the US was worth over $40 billion, while the total annual industry was worth more than $190 billion! These facts explicitly mean that online sales of furniture like bedside cabinets have risen with other retail goods.

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