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Finding The Fountain Of Youth With Facials

It seems like everyone in California is searching for the fountain of youth. Cosmetic surgery, Botox treatments and countless over the counter products claim to take years off of your appearance. Many people tend to overlook one of the best ways to rejuvenate and refine the skin on your face and neck: getting regular facials in Marina Del Rey CA.

Most any type of facial begins with a deep cleansing treatment to unclog pores. The skin is then exfoliated to slough off old, dead skin cells, making way for new ones. The face is then gently steamed to open up your pores. Your face, neck shoulders and hands will be massaged using a custom blend of nutrient rich skin care products. The massage will increase circulation which, in turn, plumps skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Replenishing the minerals and nutrients is essential for younger, healthy looking skin—especially in hot climates.

Often times, a cooling mask is placed over the eyes during the facial ritual. This will help reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, taking visible years off of your face.

Damage from the sun is one of the most common skin problems that make men and women alike look older than they really are. There are different types of facials in Marina Del Rey CA that specifically address this problem. Exfoliating chemical peels and oxygen treatments have both been proven to reduce the appearance of sun spots and other damage from the sun, evening out the overall skin tone and reverse the effects of aging. Theses treatments are most effective when performed as a series on a regular basis.

Deep cleansing facials, hydrating facials, exfoliating peels and oxygen treatments can also make fine lines virtually disappear. Whether you have crow’s feet, laugh lines or other problems, facials will make them less noticeable. Properly hydrated, nutrient rich skin is naturally fuller and suppler, filling in fine lines and making your skin more radiant.

Of course, the rituals surrounding facials in Marina Del Rey CA are very relaxing by nature. When you step into the dimly lit room and surrender yourself to the healing powers of a master esthetician, you will feel the stress melt away. Anything you can do to relax and rejuvenate will help you look and feel younger.

Looking younger is just one of the many benefits of getting regular facials in Marina Del Rey CA. Call today to schedule an appointment with a master esthetician who can analyze your skin type and perform the best facials in Marina Del Rey CA for your needs.