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If you’re struggling with ideas about where to throw the celebration for the next special event in your life, maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Instead of throwing it at your house — which can end up being incredibly expensive once you take into consideration the rental of chairs, tablecloths, silverware, plus all the food, and not to mention the wear and tear on your actual home (and sanity) — think about other locations nearby that, while they’re not known as a catering location, per say, might work out better than you ever imagined.

Pick a local restaurant, a coffee or even a book store and decide if you can imagine the amount of people you’re inviting fitting into their space. Oftentimes these can be great, unique locations. And while a business owner might not be willing to shut down the shop entirely, you can use an inexpensive curtain and drape to keep you soiree private.

In fact, a curtain and drape can also do double duty as decorations. If you buy the curtain and drape before the invitations, you can even color coordinate for the event. You’ll be surprised how much less work you’ll have to do with the actual decorations if you do it correctly from the start. Combine the unique décor with the fabulous innovative location and you’ll have an event that people will be talking about for years to come. And if you don’t need the decorations after the party is over, consider donating them to a local senior center or youth services organization so they can enjoy some festive material on an everyday basis.

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