What Can Termite Control Sacramento Do For Me?

Termites usually live in underground dirt tunnels that they build in places that are hard to get to. These hard to reach places may be under a slab of concrete or other similar types of places. When they get hungry they love to eat wood and the inside of your dry wall. Usually they start with the wood that is closest to the ground such as wood posts and then work their way up from there. So what do you do for termite control Sacramento?

Well, you can call in the professionals. Termite companies can come out, wrap up your house (so they can’t escape) and either kill them with chemicals, use high heat to suffocate them, use a liquid nitrogen to freeze them, or send a volt of electricity through the infected lumber and fry them up. Keep in mind that termites are not easy to get rid of and they are big eaters. A colony of 60,000 can eat a one foot length of two-by-four easily in about six months. A colony of termites can grow to be as large as 2 million.

The damage that termites cause, to houses and buildings annually, are said to total more money in our economy, than fighting fires and recovering from floods combined. We spend more than two billion dollars a year just to kill them and to keep them from coming back.

Another way to get rid of termites is to tunnel them. The termite control Sacramento professionals typically dig a trench that can be up to six inches wide. They also dig the trench deep enough to reach the top of masonry supports that may exist. The trenches are then usually filled with a poison to help eradicate the pest. Then poison bait can be applied to kill any termites that the liquid killers don’t end up killing.

As you can see, there is no easy way to get rid of termites so the best defense against termites is prevention. Termites need to live in moisture so make sure that you repair any plumbing leaks. If you keep a stack of firewood, make sure it is at a good distance from your house. Keep your rain gutters clean and make sure your downspouts are taking the water away from your foundation. If you have mulch in your gardens make sure they are a good six feet from your house. Hopefully, some of these tips can help you if you are being overtaken by termites. If you do end up with a termite problem, contact termite control Sacramento.

Termite control Sacramento – To help get rid of your termites, contact termite control Sacramento. An exterminator can help you get rid of the pests and help you with further termite control Sacramento.