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Remote Computer Virus Removal Is Possible

removal of viruses and spyware. A computer virus can certainly ruin your day, it may also see the loss of important date and on occasions may even do irreparable harm to your hardware. There are a number of things that computer users who are connected to the internet can do, including, if worse comes to worse, remote computer virus removal. But before remote assistance becomes necessary, there are many things to consider including the following list of top tips on protecting your system from attracting a computer virus.

Learn about what a virus is:

There are many on-line tutorials that bring you up to speed on exactly what constitutes a computer virus. For a computer user to confidently provide protection for his machine, he needs to have a basic understanding of what they are and what damage they can do. Educating yourself on remote computer virus is very important.

Install the best anti-virus software that suits your needs:

There are many free anti-virus programs available for download on the internet, they may or may not be the best for you. If you regularly download files or open email attachments you may need anti-virus which provides more than the basic protection of the free software. Regardless of what you end up with, pay particular attention to the warnings that it gives and set up a schedule for a regular scan of your computer.

Update regularly:

Computer viruses are being created every day and with the world interconnected, the new virus spreads like wild fire. Updating daily is mandatory to stay ahead of the game, most programs do this automatically but there are users who turn this feature off by accident. If you do not see the notification that an update has been performed, look into it immediately.


If you regularly surf to web sites which carry illegal software downloads, cracks, serial numbers etc you are asking for trouble. The greatest majority of this material carries an infection. It is also recommended that you avoid web sites in a language that you don’t understand as they too can carry imbedded remote computer virus code.

Keep windows updated:

Windows should be updated regularly as the updates contain code which helps you stay free of remote computer virus problems. By avoiding a Windows update you are leaving your machine vulnerable to infection. If your version of Windows does not automatically update then make it a habit to do this routine manually and regularly.


Be careful when you receive email, it is a common source of viruses and in many cases the name of the sender, although known to you, may not have actually sent you the mail. There are viruses that can enter a machine that are designed to attach themselves to names in the host computer and send a mail unbeknown to the owner. This is one of the primary ways of getting a remote computer virus.

In the event your machine is infected with a computer virus you may need professional help in removing it before damage is caused. A signature service of CureMyPC is the removal of viruses and spyware.