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Common Cases That a Malpractice Attorney Handles

There are times when patients are not sure whether they should file a malpractice suit through a Malpractice Attorney Indianapolis. If you think that you have a case, it is important to visit the attorney’s office for consultation as soon as possible because these cases have statutes of limitations. Malpractice cases are different depending on the circumstances, injury. and other complexities. When a patient receives the wrong diagnosis or unnecessary treatments, he or she is required to seek compensation for the wrong done.

A malpractice attorney Indianapolis handles different types of cases depending on the needs of the client. There are times when the case will be settled amicably out of court while other times, the defendant will pursue a court settlement. The success of these cases will depend on the hard work and research of the lawyer as well as an effective strategy. One of the most common cases these attorneys handle includes cosmetic surgery suits. People are always looking to look better with age as it contributes to their confidence and self esteem. Indeed, there are careers that require their employees to look attractive. There are times when these surgeries cause harm and even deformities to patients. It is usually challenging for the attorney to prove that a malpractice occurred because these surgeries are usually for cosmetic purposes and not a matter of life and death. An attorney will therefore need to prove that his/her client suffered due to the doctor’s recklessness and there is visible bodily harm. Here are common cases that malpractice attorneys handle:

* Birth injuries: When a mother is to be checked into a hospital, it is the duty of the doctor as well as the hospital to ensure that her baby is delivered safely and without any injuries. However, there are times when the mother or the baby or both suffer injuries and sometimes death in the hands of a doctor, nurse or midwife. In most cases, there are brain injuries, excessive bleeding, and other injuries. A client can hire a malpractice attorney to represent him or her when this happens.

* Defective and wrong drugs: Have you ever been a victim to wrong prescription or taking expired drugs? These can constitute to medical malpractice. There are times when doctors are too busy or too tired to notice that they have given defective drugs to their patients. A nurse who is doing rounds at night after a twenty-hour shift can also make a mistake in giving the wrong medicine to patients who are admitted in the hospital. Such drugs make the patient worse or form an allergic reaction in their system. A good malpractice attorney will take such a case and ensure that this patient receives compensation for the negligence and recklessness of the doctor as well as the hospital.

When a hospital is under staffed, one doctor can be responsible for many patients that he/she gives the wrong medicine to a patient. Consult a malpractice attorney in Indianapolis when this happens. Visit Stewart & Stewart for more details.