Best Used Mercedes-Benz SUVs: The GLK-Class Mar28


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Best Used Mercedes-Benz SUVs: The GLK-Class

SUVs come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Not all of them make it to the best-ever used Mercedes-Benz SUV list. There is one, however, that consistently appears in the top five. This is the GLK-Class.

The GLK-Class

Although no longer in production (manufactured from 2008 to 2015), the GLK continues to be in demand. It is often considered “the” used Mercedes-Benz in Maple Shade NJ to buy. Owners and various “experts” rave about its stylish looks, its reliability and affordability.

Over the years it was in production, it was described as possessing several desirable qualities including:

  • Compact build
  • Easy to maneuver and handle – more car-like
  • Smooth drive
  • Quick acceleration
  • Fuel economy

Depending upon the year you select, the GLC may have all the desired tech features or not. With only six years from which to choose, the following two are considered the optimal selections:

2013: This refreshed version came with an efficient V6 engine resulting in excellent fuel economy. It also possessed an improved interior design and higher-end materials

2015: This stylish model is suitable for those who want more modern technology. This GLC was named one of the best-looking and most reliable SA UVs produced by Mercedes-Benz.

The GLK-Class: A Favorite

A preferred choice by enthusiasts and the average driver, this used Mercedes-Benz remains a popular choice long after production has ended. From fuel economy to an attractive appearance, it has made its way into the annals of Mercedes-Benz’s history. Arguably, it is as popular today as when it first was produced.