Five Top 2022 Vehicles At A Volkswagen Dealer Sep08


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Five Top 2022 Vehicles At A Volkswagen Dealer

Are you planning to close off the year by purchasing a 2022 Volkswagen? Why not look at the official Volkswagen dealer in your area? In Philadelphia, PA or Miami, FL, you are sure to find the 2022 Volkswagen you want.

Top 2022 Volkswagens

Volkswagen released great cars this year. Among the top few available at any local Volkswagen dealer in Philadelphia are:

1. T Golf GTI: With lively acceleration, good cargo space and reactive handling, this is an excellent hatchback. It is available in three trim levels.
2. Volkswagen Passat: This family sedan continues to remain popular. It has sufficient cargo space, a roomy cabin and provides a smooth ride
3. Volkswagen Jetta: This fuel-efficient and affordable vehicle, although plain to look at, is roomy, has good trunk storage and can be a joy to drive. The same applies to the Jetta GLI
4. Volkswagen Arteon: This five-seater is spacious on the inside and sleek on the outside. It combines a luxurious feel with sedan practicality.
5. Volkswagen Tiguan: This compact SUV has a sporty look about it. It has a sprightly engine coated in a refined design surrounding a comfortable interior.

Talk to a Local Dealer

If you plan to purchase a car or SUV as the year 2022 unwinds, be sure to contact your local Volkswagen dealer. In Philadelphia, PA and San Francisco, CA, local dealerships still offer some of the best models available in the 2022 lineup. Talk to their sales agents and discover why many people prefer to drive a Volkswagen.