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6 Easy Rules to Better Table Linens for Your Wedding Tables

Planning for a wedding? Sweat out the little details. Create the perfect ambiance reception tables by following a few of these rules.

Use white

The perfect tablescape isn’t going to put itself together. That’s your job. If you want something dramatic and classic, go with white table linens. Load it up with colorful details. That’s going to make all the rest of the items you pile on top of your linens to stand out.

Pick lace

Lace works well with vintage weddings. If that’s your theme, then scout around for linens made out lace. Pair it up with vintage items like black and white photos, classically-designed candlesticks, and other accents

Think sequins

Want a bit of excitement with your tablecloths? Go for patterned fabrics or sequined linens, MyWedding suggests. That’s one way to pick a winning choice for your tables.

Consider the fabric

There are different types of fabrics when you shop for table linens. If you want something out of the ordinary, then look beyond white and lacy options. Explore a host of other materials out there like organza, taffeta, velvet, cotton, embellished, and more. That makes for quite a lot of options to pick from.

Match it up

What are the wedding colors? You may want to match the shade of your linens to those of your chair covers. This is one way to tie everything together, ensuring a cohesive and charming look. You could also create a monochrome palette by playing with variations of the same shades. Be careful not to overload it.

Get the right size

Find out the size of the linens. You’ll need to factor in the shape of the table too. It’s not going to work if the linens are too short so keep that in mind when you shop around for options.

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