Everything You Need to Know About Tube Bending May17


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Everything You Need to Know About Tube Bending

Have you ever seen the detail and depth to which certain tubes are bent? This is done through a procedure known as tube bending, and as you can imagine, it’s not easy to carry out. The process itself requires metalworking experience because many of these pipes and tubes are made using different kinds of metals. There are different procedures used by companies to bend tubes according to their specifications.

Types of Procedures

Two of the most common procedures include form-bound bending and freeform bending. Form-bound tube bending is done using a specific form. This is useful when pipes need to be bent to a specific angle and degree, and it’s usually great when pipes or tubes are required in large quantities. The mold is created first and then a hydraulic machine is used to bend the machine in an appropriate way.

The other option is freeform bending, in which the hydraulic machine is used to bend the tubes accordingly in a variety of different ways. This is obviously not as accurate because specific measurements are not input into the machine. The entire procedure is fairly straightforward and done as required by the client.


Ideally, if you want bending work required for any kind of metallic equipment, you need to evaluate your costs. It’s best to ask for quotes from multiple businesses to get a better idea before you decide to confirm your order with any metalworking company.