Top Reasons To Purchase An Aurora Pump May12


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Top Reasons To Purchase An Aurora Pump

There are many different types of pumps in use in commercial and industrial applications throughout Philadelphia. These pumps offer various features and design elements that make them a good match for a particular application.

One of the popular choices for commercial and industrial applications is the line of Aurora pump models. The company manufacturers both industrial as well as residential pumps that are used in water systems for municipalities, recirculation in HVAC systems, dewatering solutions, and when large volumes of water are required in any given location. They are also used to address flooding in specific areas and for moving wastewater in municipal and commercial wastewater systems.

Proven Performance

Manufactured by the Pentair Pump Group, Aurora pump models have been in use since 1919. The company is one of the leaders in using the latest in technology and research to create pumps that offer longer duty cycles, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance needs over the lifetime of the pump.

The extensive history of use in a variety of commercial, municipal, and industrial applications makes it easy to choose an Aurora pump with confidence that it has a proven record in similar types of applications.

Pump Options

In addition to quality and performance, Aurora offers a significant number of types of pumps that are ideal for any type of application. They are known for their sewage pumps, but also for sump pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, and centrifugal pumps that are used in systems across Philadelphia.