Three Natural Treatment Options for Peripheral Neuropathy in Surprise, AZ

Are you looking for the best treatment for peripheral neuropathy in Surprise, AZ? You don’t have to resort to invasive procedures or medications that come with unpleasant side effects. There are many natural ways to manage the numbness, tingling, and sensitivity to touch that come with peripheral neuropathy. Here are three treatment options to consider.

Blood Sugar Management

Peripheral neuropathy is most often caused by diabetes or pre-diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels cause damage to nerves and blood vessels, so keeping your blood sugar in check is an effective way to combat your peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Follow your doctor’s advice about diet, exercise and mealtimes, remember to take your insulin and other medications as directed and check your blood sugar levels regularly.

Chiropractic Treatment

If you thought that chiropractic adjustments are just for your back and neck, think again. Chiropractic care is one of the best treatments for peripheral neuropathy in Surprise, AZ. Adjustments help to promote the healing of nerves, align neural pathways in the body, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Vitamins and Supplements

Because nutrition plays such a big role in peripheral neuropathy, taking vitamins and supplements may help ease your symptoms. B vitamins help support healthy nerve function and are found in many healthy foods like poultry, fish, eggs, and vegetables as well as in supplement form. Curcumin has been shown to reduce neuropathy symptoms in studies, and fish oil can help reduce inflammation, tingling, and itching.