Delicious Sockeye Salmon Recipes That Leave Your Mouth Watering Nov09


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Delicious Sockeye Salmon Recipes That Leave Your Mouth Watering

Alaska ships out a majority of the seafood Americans consume. From King crab to sockeye salmon, there’s always something tasty to be had from the waters in and around this state. If you want to try sockeye salmon, you can have it shipped to you fresh on ice. Then try it with one of the following simple recipes to make your mouth water. The best Alaskan sockeye salmon recipe should focus on the fish, not on the ingredients.

Butter, Lemon, and Rosemary

Salmon has a very pungent flavor all its own. You want to keep that flavor without overwhelming it with seasoning. To do that, use pats of butter, lemon wedges, and fresh sprigs of rosemary. You will be rewarded with a flavorful fish dish that lets the salmon shine.

Grilled With Butter and Dill

A strong fishy fish, salmon sometimes needs a punch of flavor. If you are going to grill it, first filet it. Then wrap the filets in aluminum foil packets with pats of butter and sprinkles of fresh dillweed. It lightly pickles and seasons the fish in a very pleasing way. If you want, a sprinkle of white vinegar over the fish before serving really makes the dill flavor pop. When you use different seasonings in an Alaskan sockeye salmon recipe, be careful not to overdo it. A little goes a long way.

Side Suggestions

As far as what to serve on the side with your salmon, opt for wild rice or julienned carrots. Make the side or vegetable simple because you want the flavor of the salmon to be the main focus.