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The Nutrition Report Based On Genetic Testing

The choice of how to use DNA information continues to expand, with both specialized DNA reports now available to help people choose the foods that are the best match for the specific genetics in play.

One DNA testing company that is focused on providing nutritional reports is GenoPalate. It was started in 2016 by two doctors and a nutritionist with the goal to provide people with information on how to choose food items that work optimally with the individual’s genetic makeup.

How it Works

GenoPalate looks at 75 different and unique markers in your sample. These 75 markers are then reported, with information on how to choose foods to eat the optimal diet and provide the nutrition your body requires to function most efficiently.

In addition to Information on nutritional science, the report also includes your specific nutritional genetic profile, a list of the best foods to eat, as well as meal plans and general healthy eating guidelines.

Within the report, information is also provided on foods that may result in sensitivities and foods that may impact metabolism. This information can be helpful to those struggling with specific issues in identifying the source of digestive problems that are related to food sensitivities and allergies.

As with any type of DNA testing and recommendations, the information contained in any DNA-based nutrition report is not designed to provide a medical diagnosis. It is also not meant to provide a specific diet or a list of foods that an individual must consume to stay healthy.

When choosing any nutrition report based on genetic testing, look for the ability to download raw DNA data and use it with other testing platforms.