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What is the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp in Seattle?

If you are new to Seattle, the vast array of legal hemp and cannabis products could be overwhelming. However, cannabis and hemp basics in Seattle are quite simple.

First of all, there is a difference between cannabis and hemp products; generally, products labeled as “cannabis” contain THC, and products labeled as “hemp” contain CBD. However, both hemp and marijuana plants are in the Cannabaceae family.

Often, “cannabis” and “marijuana” are used interchangeably, creating confusion in some people. Technically, “cannabis” includes both marijuana and hemp. It could be that producers avoid the word “marijuana” for legal reasons. But, essentially, products labeled as “cannabis” are more than likely marijuana.

Industrial hemp is among the world’s most versatile plants. For example, the stalk of a hemp plant has been used to produce textiles and paper for centuries. More recently, it’s been used to develop biofuels. Furthermore, hemp seeds are edible and can be eaten or made into hemp seed oil. Finally, hemp flowers are used to extract CBD, which is then made into many different products.

Organic hemp basics in Seattle include sampling the many different CBD products available around the city. These include not only CBD oils and tinctures, but also soothing creams and ointments.

Generally, it’s legal to ship CBD products back home to your friends and family. However, while it might be tempting, shipping cannabis products outside the state of Washington could get you into legal trouble. Unfortunately, hemp basics for Seattle are not universal, so enjoy your cannabis while you’re here.