When you are looking into having to sell your home or to purchase a new home you enlist in the help of a real estate agent. Your real estate agent is there to help you but there are a few things they won’t just come right out and tell you that you should know.

Top Real estate agents in Northwest Arkansas are working for you and helping you and they do deserve their fee or commission, this is their job but did you know that the agent’s fees are negotiable. There is a standard percentage that most agents take as their commission but that fee can be reduced and any little decrease is a savings to you. If you are listing a home and purchasing a home from the same agent then most times they are willing to reduce their fee but you will have to ask, it will not be something they tell you up front.

On home inspections, when you have found that home you love you want to make sure you are spending your money on perfection. When a home inspector comes in to do an inspection that inspection is based off of a visual exam of the interior and exterior of the home and systems within them. They will not be lifting flooring or tearing down walls so they will not know the floor is warped or that the insulations are less than needed. They only note what can be seen. They can’t see the pipes underground. They will look for major issues like wires that are not grounded and how well the heating and air units are working.

Home warranties are not really worth anything. Most builders can and will boast they offer a 10 year warranty on any home they build but the warranty is so very limited it doesn’t really cover anything at all. Looking through many warranties the most common thing found is that the warranty covers if the home is unlivable, unsanitary or unsafe. Most cases a structural defect coverage usually only covers catastrophic failure. Things like wall or ceiling cracks are not covered.

Real estate agents don’t know everything about zoning regulations in a home. So if you are looking at a home in need of some repairs. Or you don’t like a wall that is in the middle of great view you wish it didn’t exist if your agent suggests you just knock it out and your good to go, don’t take their word for it to be so simple. An agent knows very little about zoning and load bearing so always bring in a contractor to look over the home you plan on doing repairs in before you purchase. That wall may not be moveable without the home collapsing.