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Want a Wolf Cut? Try These Professional Alternatives in The Colony, TX

The “wolf cut” is a hot new hair hack, but what if you’re too chicken to DIY your haircut? Don’t worry. There are many similar cuts you can get from a professional stylist without chopping off half your ponytail, so put down the scissors and consider one of these three classic styles.


The choppy shag is what the wolf cut is trying to emulate, so why not get your trendy cut from one of the best hair salons in The Colony, TX, instead of those rusty shears in your junk drawer? A shag cut works on any length of hair and looks great with bangs.

Long Layers

If you want to freshen up your long or medium hair without going too choppy or removing too much length, try asking for long layers. This classic cut is hard to mess up and looks great on almost everyone.

Curly Cut

While many curly girls and guys on social media are loving their wolf cuts, a curly cut is a better way to sculpt your waves, ringlets or coils. To find the best hair salon The Colony, TX, for curly cuts, look for one that has a trained texture specialist available.

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