What To Know About Cannabis Delivery In Orange County Jun14


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What To Know About Cannabis Delivery In Orange County

Adults over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana in the state of California for recreational use. Medical marijuana patients also use cannabis, and both groups of people can now have their cannabis delivered right to their home, place of residence, or their business.

In Orange County, there are several best cannabis delivery services. All of these services are licensed through the state, and they have to follow the rules and regulations in both the sale as well as the delivery of the product ordered. Thanks to the convenience offered by online, phone, or even text order capability of some of the top companies, delivery is a fast, effective, and problem-free way to have the product delivered right to your door.

Know What You Want

For returning customers with their favorite brands of products or their favorite strains and options, knowing what is right for the specific occasion is easy. For those new to the Orange County area, and just getting used to the varieties and options, calling in and getting suggestions based on your requirements helps to narrow down your selection.

Most cannabis delivery services have a minimum order requirement and a set delivery fee. This is set by the geographic address for the delivery. Keep in mind; delivery services cannot deliver to public places or to non-residential locations. If you are staying in a hotel and checked in under your name, delivery is possible.

ID Please

The cannabis delivery driver must confirm the individual receiving the delivery is the person on record as the buyer. The driver has a virtual ID, in the form of a driver’s license submitted with the order, and the person receiving the delivery may be required to show the physical copy, mainly if the driver’s license picture is old or the person has changed their physical appearance.

If you have any questions about the delivery service or the product, be sure to ask before placing your order.