Hiring Temporary CDL Drivers for a National Network of Professional Movers May06


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Hiring Temporary CDL Drivers for a National Network of Professional Movers

Many transportation companies experience periods when there is more freight to pick up and deliver than they have drivers. When this happens, the best approach is to hire temporary CDL drivers who can handle the overflow. Rather than attempting to manage this process in house, it pays to go through a staffing service. Here are some of the reasons why this approach makes sense.

Credentials and Background Checks are Already Done: Before assigning any temporary employees to a client account, the typical staffing service will conduct thorough background checks and ensure that the employees do have up to date commercial driver licenses. This is important, since the last thing that a client needs is someone hauling freight who does not have the proper credentials. A situation of that nature could result in all sorts of fines, and also lead to delays in delivery that end up costing the customer a great deal of money.

No Need for a Lot of Paperwork: With this type of hiring arrangement, the amount of paperwork that must be done is kept to a minimum. The CDL drivers remain in the employ of the agency, which means the customer does not have to be concerned with setting up employee files, offering benefits, or any of the other tasks associated with hiring a new individual. The only requirement is to track the time of the driver and make sure the agency is paid for that time.

Keep the Driver as Long as Necessary: The relationship only needs to last as long as there is a need for additional service and support. Once the upswing in business volume subsides, all it takes is a phone call to the staffing agency and the driver is notified that the assignment has ended. There is no more financial responsibility on the part of the customer, and the agency can reassign the driver to another project. The experts can find the right driver for just about any customer need. Whether the driver needs to be capable of hauling freight across town or across the country, the agency will make sure the person assigned to the project is responsible, has the right credentials, and will offer the client excellent service.