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How You Can Help Visual Learners Absorb Material More Efficiently

Visual learners are often mistaken for having disabilities that prevent them from learning the same materials that other students learn with greater ease. In fact, using visual learning tools and a different style of teaching can help visual learners absorb material just as efficiently as other students their age. Here are a few ways you can help a child who is a visual learner.

Give Them Time

When you ask visual learners a question, they may hesitate as though they don’t know the answer. Often, they’re not as unprepared as it may seem. They’re simply rewinding their memories like a cassette tape to retrieve the appropriate information. Teachers should give visual learners more time to answer, or they can provide the student with the question in advance.

Teach Color Coding

A visual learner can be more prepared in any situation by developing a system of color-coding information. For example, notebooks and folders should be chosen by color, assigning one color to each school subject. Math flashcards can also be color-coded, using red for addition, green for division, and so on. As a child reads, they can also use different colored highlighters to distinguish between characters, places, and plot events.

Use Visual Aids

There are plenty of visual learning tools that you can buy to help students learn better. Additionally, there are simply visual aids that you can create for free. For example, write out new vocabulary words on flashcards. When visual learners can see the words in print, they can memorize them faster. You can experiment with other types of visual cues to help students absorb the material with greater efficiency.