3 Tips for Makeup Artists on How to Choose the Best Led Makeup Mirror Apr19


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3 Tips for Makeup Artists on How to Choose the Best Led Makeup Mirror

Do you often find yourself looking in the mirror to see if your makeup is still intact? Or maybe you are a makeup artist and need to make sure that you’re applying cosmetics evenly during your client’s session. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important for many people (and makeup artists) to have access to a lighted mirror.

Consider the Size of the Mirror

The size of the mirror is important because a lot can be going on in front and behind you at any point during your session. It’s important you have a mirror that is portable and can be quickly moved around set for touch-ups any time and placed they’re needed.

Look For a Lighted Mirror With Dimming Features

If you’re looking for a mirror that is lighted, it’s important to find one with dimming features. This will allow the makeup artist or individual utilizing this resource time and ability to control how much brightness they want coming from their chosen location which can make touch-ups and applying fine details easier.

Make Sure It Has an Adjustable Stand or Arm That Allows You to Position the Mirror At Any Angle

The Best LED Makeup Mirrors will have an adjustable stand or arm will allow the user to position it at any angle which is important when working on someone sitting in a chair or laying down on set.

Some makeup mirrors also have a fold-up design so they can easily go from being on your set location to overhead for those awkward angles needed for the perfect finishing touches.