Arizona Snowbirds in Goodyear, AZ Need a Good, Honest RV Mechanic Mar23


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Arizona Snowbirds in Goodyear, AZ Need a Good, Honest RV Mechanic

Snowbirds flock to Arizona wih their Rvs every year, to spend the winter under the glorious desert sun. They come from all over the country, from Washington State to Michigan, to escape the bitter cold. However, those miles put wear and tear on their rigs.

If you own an RV, you know how hard it can be to find service on the road; many auto shops simply won’t touch a Class A or even a Class C motorhome. Moreover, they certainly won’t have anything to do with a 5th-wheel or travel trailer.

While RVer’s understand they need to take their rig to an RV shop for repairs on the plumbing and appliances, simply finding a shop to do an oil change can be a challenge. Furthermore, finding a shop that won’t take advantage of an out-of-towner can also be challenging.

When you do find an honest auto shop near Goodyear AZ that provides full-service repair and maintenance for motorhomes and towables, you keep going back.

While they’re typically built on a van or a delivery truck chassis, motorhomes present a few unique challenges for a mechanic. For example, a motorhome can actually have separate owner’s manuals for the engine and transmission. That’s because RV manufacturers often source parts from many different suppliers. It takes a knowledgable technician to even know where to begin with certain motorhomes. Just like any other vehicles, motorhomes require specific knowledge and tools.

Champs Family Automotive shop near Goodyear AZ provides a full range of service for both motorhomes and towables