4 Tips to Maintain Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta Mar17


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4 Tips to Maintain Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta

Summer is here, and people are trying to make their homes lighter and more open. For some, that means opening doors and windows to let air in. However, that means letting in all that dust and pollen that’s floating around. For this reason, many people deep-clean their homes, and the cleaning likely extends to glass shower enclosures. Below are several tips on keeping Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta clean.

Get a Squeegee

There’s nothing worse than streaks of glass cleaner on a shower door. To keep the shower enclosure glass looking as good as new, take a minute to squeegee the doors after each shower. This keeps water from sitting on the glass long enough to make spots. The glass will stay clean and clear, which means less cleaning for the homeowner.

Get Some Glass Guard

There are multiple types of glass guard that can prevent streaks and water spots after showering. These surface protestants create a barrier between soap, water, and the glass, repelling soap scum and water stains. With a bit of protestant, homeowners can keep their shower glass looking beautiful for years.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners

A frameless shower door can collect debris and dirt from shower water. To clean away most of the dirt, sponges, and non-abrasive cleaners are a good choice. Such cleaners will not scratch, corrode or damage the glass and its hardware, unlike abrasive scrubbers which can leave damaging marks on glass shower doors.

Keep Suds to a Minimum

When using soapy cleansers, try to minimize the amount of suds on the glass during cleaning. Soap suds will make the shower doors slick with streaks and spots, and may not be removable even with a squeegee. By minimizing the amount of soap suds, homeowners can keep the glass looking clean, clear and streak-free for longer.

No matter how carefully Glass Shower Doors in Atlanta are maintained, they will eventually get spots and streaks. The tips above can remove most stains, but some damage is irreversible. When this happens, contact ALL GLASS to learn about the latest and best options to turn the bathroom into a relaxing, clean oasis.