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Park Ridge Heating Contractor Tips for Cutting your Winter Heating Bill Costs

Many Illinois homeowners don’t look forward to their heating bills in the winter. However, they also don’t want to live in an uncomfortably cold home either. If you are in the same position, why not talk with your local Park Ridge heating contractor to get tips on slashing your winter heating bill? You don’t have to put up with the high cost of heat.

Energy Audit

Many homeowners are unaware of exactly how many ways a home can leak energy. While a certified home energy auditor is definitely best, an HVAC contractor can thoroughly inspect your system and ductwork to rule out these things. The problem could be anything from improper insulation in the attic to inadequate weather stripping and sealant around the doors and windows.

A Programmable Thermostat

Your local Park Ridge heating contractor will tell you that a programmable thermostat is a great tool to ensure optimal energy efficiency, at least for the heating and cooling aspect of things. Programming the temperature for specific times of day can reduce your utility bill as much as 20 percent! You could turn down your heat when you are away traveling and with the latest technology, you could bump up the heat in anticipation of your arrival home using a smart phone application.

Insulate and Winterize

Many homes do not have adequate insulation in the walls, floors, crawl spaces and attics. By adding insulation, it can reduce the amount of air leaked from your HVAC system. While hiring a professional to do it is best, if you are a handy homeowner, you can add insulation yourself and have it reviewed by a heating contractor. Park Ridge has exceptional HVAC professionals ready to provide 24-hour service.

Winterizing your windows also plays a role in reducing heating costs. Weather stripping should be added if necessary. Replacing old single pane windows can greatly help, especially when the new ones are Energy Star rated.

Inspection of Duct Work, Vents and Registers

Your Park Ridge heating contractor can inspect the registers, vents and duct work to ensure that nothing impedes heat blowing into the rooms of your home. Sometimes, it requires rearranging furniture and other times, the cleaning of ductwork is necessary.

Plan a walk-through with your heating contractor. Park Ridge residents like you should plan this while the weather is still warm so when that first cold snap hits, you will be ready. Advance planning means lower utility bills for you this coming winter.

Lower your heating costs by hiring a heating contractor. Park Ridge and other area residents can contact Business Name for the best qualified service professionals in HVAC.