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Heating And Air System Basics

It does not matter what heating or cooling system you have. It forms an integral part of creating a hospitable and inhabitable climate in your home or business. While your comfort inside depends upon such things as insulation, geographical location and exposure, it also relies upon your ability to recognize when it is time for heating and air repair. In Mount Pleasant, you can troubleshoot first and then call in the experts to handle any major repairs. How satisfactory you can fulfill the role of troubleshooter will depend upon your basic knowledge of your heating and air cooling systems.

Know Model, Company and Age

Heating and cooling systems come in various designs, sizes and shapes. They may be “green,” or use fossil fuels. You may have a window mounted air conditioner or central air units. Heat may come from an electric baseboard heater or even an old-fashioned boiler. It is important you know the source of energy for your systems. This will help you to understand what may be required in terms of heating and air repair.

It is also imperative you know the age, model and company who manufactures the heating and cooling systems in your home or business. This will allow you to look online or read in hard copy, the specifications of the product. Do visit the webpage of the company. Some companies even have fan pages where users post their love or hate of a particular product.

By reading up on the product – either online or in print, you can discover what problems may occur. Reviews may mention specific issues that need to be addressed. They may mention simple problems as well as serious ones that will require calling in the heating and air repair experts.


Whether you are focusing on individual pieces or an entire unit, it is important to remember that most systems have 4 things in common. These are:

  1. A heat producer
  2. A heat exchanger – furnace or boiler
  3. A heat distributor – ducts, registers, air circulation device
  4. Control – thermostat, humidistat

These four components are found in most heating and air systems. The control, for example, may be a part of the unit. It could also be positioned on a wall in the affected or central room. The heat exchanger may be a gas, oil, or solar powered furnace. The hat and air distributor could be ducts.

Heating and Air Repair

Understanding the basics of your systems will help you troubleshoot if an issue occurs. After locating the problem, you can then make a more informed decision of whether to call in the experts in heating and air repair in Mount Prospect.

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