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Important Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in Phoenix, AZ

In the United States, motorcycles only account for five percent of drivers. However, motorcycle accidents happen 27 times more often than accidents with passenger vehicles. For this reason, it is important for motorcycle riders to know what to do immediately following a motorcycle accident. Many of these principles apply whether you are an innocent bystander, a passenger, or operating the motorcycle.

Safety is the most important thing. After the accident, analyze your surroundings. Are you injured, have other people been injured, or are you in harm’s way? If so, take immediate steps to rectify the situation. Try to help other people get to safety if this is a reasonable thing to do. It is good to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, in the immediate aftermath of an accident. They can walk you through other steps you will need to take to protect yourself.

Don’t rush to remove protective gear. In the aftermath of an accident, you might feel a rush of adrenaline that is masking the pain from the injuries you are suffering. It is often best to wait for paramedics to arrive before removing a helmet or other gear that can make injuries worse.

After contacting 911 and seeking medical attention, it is important for you to gather evidence. This means that you should take your own pictures, write notes, and get copies of the police report. This will help your motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, take the steps necessary to protect you.

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