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When You Might Need A Social Security Lawyer

When an individual reaches retirement age or is classified as disabled the government has a program that provides some financial support, the program is Social Security. There are very few problems when it comes time to apply for the retirement benefits, it is a matter of providing your social security number and few pertinent details, in about three months the benefits will start arriving and they will continue to arrive every month. Unfortunately applying for Social Security disability benefits is far more complex and many applicants turn to a social security lawyer for help.

For those who have not yet reached retirement age but can prove beyond a doubt that they are either mentally or physically disabled and cannot work may be eligible to collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Should the application be approved the disabled individual will also receive a monthly payment, the amount of the payment is dependent on the amount of money the person earned during the working life. There has to be complete documentation that the applicant has earned enough credits to benefit from the program, if they don’t they are sometimes eligible for a fixed monthly amount of SSI, supplemental security income.

There really is little reason for the average individual to know much about the social security system other than what benefits are available; rarely would a person be aware of what the criteria is for these benefits. The truth is, even when an application is made with the assistance of a social security lawyer the application is denied almost three quarters of the time. When the claimant is denied benefit and has the lawyer accompany him or her to the appeals hearing the numbers are quite different, about two thirds of the appeals are approved. Having a social security lawyer work with you through the process greatly enhances the chances of being awarded benefits.

It is extremely important to win a claim for disability benefits as it may be their only source of funds. Even if the disabled individual only gets approved for SSDI or SSI at least the chances of becoming homeless are less. If the applicant is approved they usually are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare as well; these are programs that help the disabled pay for medical care and prescription drugs.

A social security lawyer will confer with the client and make an informed argument to the administration at any hearings should the claim be denied.

If you are disabled, either physically or mentally you will need some degree of support. If your application for benefits is denied, you will need to hire a social security lawyer to help you make a meaningful appeal. You are invited to call upon the Social Security Disability Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, P.C. To know more go to the site website domain.