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When to Talk to Social Security Lawyers

Before you talk to Social Security lawyers about your case you should first understand the pros and cons; the costs and benefits of having such lawyers on your side. The costs are easy to calculate as the fee they lawyers can charge is mandated by Federal law and is the lesser of 25 percent of the benefit back pay or $6,000. In the majority of cases little money, if any, will have to be paid up front as most Social Security lawyers work on contingency, you only pay when they are successful in winning your case.

There are many benefits to hiring Social Security lawyers; it is worth looking at some in further detail. One must also consider at what stage of the claims process you should call for legal assistance.

Why hire Social Security lawyers?

The most pressing need that will point your towards a disability lawyer is the fact that your chances of being approved are drastically increased. Certainly there are people who make the application on behalf of themselves and gain approval but the truth is, about 75 percent of the applications that are made are denied.

Social Security and disability lawyers understand the complexities of case presentation; they know how to put the case to the Administration in such a way to get the most favorable ruling for the client. The initial application is important, it is here that you provide such pertinent details as when the disability started and argue that your case meets the criteria of impairments listed in the SSA “Blue Book.” When the case reaches the reconciliation and hearing levels the lawyer can provide the pertinent medical information and support this with an opinion from your doctor. The lawyer can provide a detailed brief for the administrative judge assigned to the case and prepare you for questions that you can expect to be asked during the hearing.

When to call a disability lawyer:

In cases of Social Security Disability claims the best rule of thumb to employ is, “the sooner the better.” You can normally expect Social Security lawyers to give you a free consultation, the lawyers can evaluate your case and in the event they feel that you have a strong case they can assist you right from the beginning with the initial application. There are some who feel they can get through this stage unaided but you are more likely to have your application approved if it is prepared with the help of lawyers.

If you are going to apply for Social Security Disability there is no time like the present to hire Social Security lawyers to help you win your case. You are invited to call upon the Business Name Read more about them at Website Domain.