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Important Things You Need to Do Before Shipping a Car

Whether you take a relaxing vacation and want to take your car with you, or you plan to move across the United States, it is much easier to ship your vehicle to its new destination. In fact, before you even consider this option and get a “shipping a car quote”, here are some important things to do, to make the process easier on you.

Car Cleaning

Many people do not think about washing their cars before they ship them. However, this is sometimes a huge mistake. For example, it is easier to spot scratches and dents on a clean car exterior. Are you thinking about open shopping? When you get your “shipping a car quote”, you may notice this option is cheaper, but if you do, consider putting a good coat of wax on the car, to protect it from the elements.

Clean Out the Interior

It is not a good idea to leave things inside the vehicle. During transport, things could easily shift about. This can cause damage to your vehicle interior and could result in problems like broken glass.

Turn Off Your Alarm System

Nothing is more annoying than listening to a car alarm drone on and on. Some alarm systems activate when the car moves or changes position. Make sure to turn off your alarm so the transport driver can keep his sanity.

Check Tires

Now is a good time to check tire pressures. Your car rides better with properly inflated tires. Also, this is one less thing to check before you drive the car away from the shipper.

Lock the Car

Even though your “shipping a car quote”, includes insurance, you should lock your vehicle before it gets shipped. This ensures no unauthorized people get inside. It is the best way to make sure your car gets to its destination in good condition.