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Consider A Self-Storage Warehouse For Your Business

Many businesses can help soothe their growing pains by considering using a warehouse in Fort Myers FL. Business owners know that there is a huge difference between a business, which provides a service, and one that sells a product. This huge difference is the need to keep inventory.

Some businesses, particularly some online concerns, deal with the problem of maintaining inventory by arranging with the manufacturer to drop-ship their items. This can be a very workable relationship. On the other hand, some manufacturers pass the costs of storing inventory to the online businesses through higher prices or specific storage fees. Consider using a warehouse in Fort Myers, FL to make sure you have inventory available.

Storing inventory has always been a problem for businesses. This problem spawned the businesses initiative of just in time (JIT) manufacturing, meaning that products were not manufactured until they were required by the customer. Of course, this required highly accurate schedules, and products that had to be assembled just in time could not suffer any delays of the product components, which themselves had to be delivered just in time. (In a sense, there is no difference between having to store inventory and having to store product components). For some products, particularly those with many disparate components, this was very tricky. However, when carried out properly, it saved the manufacturers, and in turn, the retailers a lot of money due to a reduction of inventory costs.

This same philosophy can be seen in action at fast food restaurants. The fastest delivery restaurants actually have food cooked when the customer approaches the window. For a hamburger joint, all or most of the hamburgers are standard sizes, and a cooked burger can serve for any order. Of course, this only works well at rush times. This philosophy also occasionally produces the accidental dry burger. Other hamburger joints advertise that they do not cook their burgers ahead of time, but of course, the customer may have to take a bit of the “fast” out of his fast food and be prepared to wait longer.

You have to determine if your business needs a warehouse in Fort Myers FL in order to satisfy your customers. You may also need a warehouse as a more economical alternative to drop shipping. Arranging a good warehouse in Fort Myers FL can take some time. This is when a business owner should consider a self storage warehouse in Fort Myers FL to take care of short terms blips in inventory requirements.

Consider using a warehouse as a short-term alternative to make sure you have inventory available for your short-order customers to a full warehouse. Romar Rentals provides warehouse and office space for you to rent in Fort Myers, FL.