Understand Your Dental Implants in Milwaukee, WI

Dental implants include screws that are fixed into the jawbone directly, so they act as your roots to hold the artificial teeth that are placed on top of those screws. They are used to replace a single tooth or teeth that you might have lost because of injury or some dental disease. Dental implants exactly function like your natural teeth, so you can still enjoy your favorite food within limits, smile and speak normally and with confidence. Dental implants in Milwaukee, WI have become very popular these days and people are showing positive reaction towards the treatment.

Apart from replacing injured or lost teeth dental implants in Milwaukee, WI can also work as good support for your dentures, making the dentures secure and more comfortable. Implants also act as a great support for a dental bridge so you would not have any problem with removable or partial dentures. Along with supporting bridges and dentures, dental implants done by the dentists of Milwaukee, WI also provide you the beautiful, natural looking and comfortable teeth. And you can move on with your daily routine without any problem and feel like you have never lost your tooth.

1. Endosteal implants

These are the most common kind of dental implants, the meaning of which is in the bone. Most of them are screws that act as roots. Screws, frames, cylinders or blades are some of the types of endosteal implants, which go directly into the jawbone with every single implant holding an artificial teeth. Patients who have removable bridges or dentures are normally chosen for endosteal implants.

2. Subperiosteal implants

This type of implants means on the bone and these are used with the framework posts made of metal placed on top of the jawbone. Posts run through the gums and hold artificial teeth. Subperiosteal implants are recommended for patients with restricted jaw bone height, or patients who can’t wear normal dentures.

Am I a right candidate?

Before going the for the actual procedure of dental implants, your jaws and gums will be assessed carefully to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. You will have to get your teeth X-ray done and in some cases you may also have to get a CT scan done. These initial procedures will help you in knowing the suitability, quality and quantity of your bone and gums. Implant anatomy will also have to be analyzed in order to determine whether implants can be done on you or not. This procedure includes sinus chambers, nerve and blood vessels. Additionally, the tests will also provide a clear image of the particular type of dental implant you will require, so your dentist can start with the treatment that suits you perfectly.

Looking for perfect teeth

You should know that dental implants are just an alternative for your natural teeth and not a direct replacement; they cannot look exactly like your natural teeth. Teeth are a valuable natural asset given to everyone in their life and we can never have another similar looking set. It would be sensible to say that dental implants appear almost similar to your natural teeth, they look, feel and work similar to natural teeth. So you can go for it in case you have a lost a tooth because of a dental disease or an injury.

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