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The Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer In Naples

Most people that buy or sell property today are represented by a realtor or real estate agent. There are also some people that buy or sell on their own, but regardless of your representation, or lack thereof, it is in your best interests to use a real estate lawyer in Naples and elsewhere in the country.

If you are buying a home or selling a home you may be trying to reduce the cost of the transaction. This is understandable but bypassing essential legal advice and services is not only foolish, it is potentially costly. Having a real estate lawyer in Naples as part of your team ensures that the entire transaction goes smoothly and issues don’t crop up that derail the sale or cause you to pay fees or costs that could have been avoided.

For Buyers

As a buyer having a real estate lawyer in Naples helps you to make sure that the agreement that you are entering into with the seller is actually in your best interest. These documents are often lengthy and difficult to understand for those not trained in real estate law. Many buyers have found out that verbal promises made by the seller are not enforceable if they don’t actually show up in the contract to purchase.

Your real estate lawyer in Naples will also ensure that there are no liens, easements or covenants against the property that you are going to buy and that you are not restricted in the use of the property. If there are restrictions due to zoning or other issues your attorney will give you that information.

For Sellers

A real estate lawyer in Naples representing a seller will also protect and advise the seller on the terms of the purchase. This means clarifying any actions, repairs or changes to the property that are included in the agreement. The attorney will also handle the preparation of all the documents and paperwork as well as transfer all the funds and insurance certificates as needed.

Hiring a real estate lawyer in Naples for both the buyer and seller is an important consideration. Without the legal advice and information you may be leaving yourself open to additional fees, charges and costs without even realizing it.

If you need a real estate lawyer in Naples come and see us. To learn more visit us online at www.willisdavidow.com.