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Why People Choose Surrogacy as an Option

Even if a woman can’t carry a child, the child that is carried by the surrogate mother can still be 100% the biological child of the mother as far as genetic makeup is concerned. Not all women that can’t have a child have fertility problems. Some of them have other ailments that would make it dangerous to carry a child, and others just prefer to go the surrogacy route for other reasons such as careers or taking care of other family members. Surrogacy has gained in popularity over the last couple of decades, because it is considered such a low cost alternative to other methods of getting a baby to love. Adoption costs can be incredibly expensive, and IVF procedures can make people go bankrupt, not to mention there is no guarantee the procedure will work even after you pay a fortune to have it done.

Everyone Deserves a Child to Love

Having a baby through a surrogacy California mother can be quite fulfilling for many couples. The one thing that most couples are thrilled with is the fact that they get to meet the mother if the contract is set up for the surrogacy to be an open process. This allows them to be close to her throughout the whole process at the various stages of her pregnancy. This makes them feel as if they are a part of the whole experience, and they feel closely bonded to the child before it is ever even born. All couples who have made a long-lasting commitment to each other deserve the opportunity to have children, regardless of how much money they have or what their medical problems are. Surrogacy gives them this opportunity. Any agency can give couples plenty of guidance to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The Sheer Compassion of a Surrogate Mother

It takes a very special woman to become a surrogate mother. These women are compassionate, and totally unselfish in giving couples the joy of having a baby. They believe wholeheartedly in making a positive difference in the lives of people who desperately want a baby, but can’t have one for one reason or another. Most of the women get a lot of satisfaction in being able to help these people. However, surrogacy is not for every woman. Many women struggle with the prospect of giving up a child that has grown inside of them for nine months, and they find it very hard to even contemplate becoming a surrogate mother. This doesn’t mean that they are bad in any way; it just means that the process requires a special kind of mindset. Women who have emotional issues should probably not attempt to be a surrogate mother.

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