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Should You Purchase Wedding Insurance?

There is no question that Special Event Insurance is something that many people contemplate, trying to figure out if it is really necessary. When it comes to your wedding, that likely has months of expensive planning, is this something you really want to take a chance with? Besides the possibility of extremely embarrassing memories, there is likely quite a bit of money at stake.

Chances are you would never drive off a car lot without first having adequate auto insurance, so you should not plan a wedding without insuring that your plans – and money – are protected. After all, you never know when a last minute illness or a vendor that goes bankrupt could ruin your big day.

There are a number of different insurance companies that will offer a comprehensive wedding insurance policy. In most cases, this type of insurance policy will provide you with reimbursement for deposits, as well as any charges that you have paid to various wedding vendors, in addition to costs for traveling and any other expense you may incur if you have to postpone or even cancel your wedding for a reason that is covered in the policy.

The options for coverage, limitations and costs can vary widely, which is why it is important to read the fine print very carefully. When you begin to compare policies, be sure that you pay attention to deductibles, the maximum coverage limits, deadlines for purchasing the coverage and any exclusions.

The most important type of coverage that you should purchase for your wedding is personal liability coverage. Just like you would be responsible financially for someone falling and getting hurt in your home, you may also be sued if there is someone at one of your wedding events who is inured. There are some venues that will actually require this coverage prior to renting you their space.

Prior to purchasing any type of additional liability coverage, you should check the amount of coverage that your homeowner’s policy provides and if it will apply to any wedding event. In some cases, it will require that you purchase a special rider.

It is also important that your individual wedding vendors and suppliers, such as the limousine service, caterer, etc., have their own coverage for liability. Additionally, if you are renting a venue where alcoholic beverages are being served, you need to ensure that they carry liquor liability insurance.

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