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The Healthiest Time To Exercise

A common question that many people ask themselves is ‘when is the best time for me to exercise?’. The best time for many people to exercise is simply whenever they have the free time, as some degree of exercise is undoubtedly far better than not exercising at all and offering up excuses why you are not able to exercise at a particular time of day. It can often depend on what kind of routine you are into that what you and your body are used to. For example, many people may have always exercised in the mornings throughout their lives so they will be far more inclined to carry on this. However, if you are not a morning person and you have to get up for work early, exercising after work is undoubtedly a more convenient solution to your lifestyle.

However, the question still remains whether there is in fact a better time of day to exercise that is scientifically proven to be healthier for you and your body. While research and evidence on the subject is far from proven and conclusive, there are undoubtedly a couple of signs that do suggest there is a time of day that may be better for you compared to other times.

Try to avoid exercise before bed

While exercising late at night may be much better for people who live according to strict work schedules that take up the entirety of their day, the evidence does show that working out just before bed can be quite detrimental. What it can do is prevent your body from being able to completely shut down and prepare itself for sleep. This can mean that it is extremely difficult for you to fall asleep and you may end up suffering for it the next day. Unless you cannot possibly exercise at any other time of day, you should probably avoid exercising just before bed as it can cause a number of sleeping problems.

Morning before eating

While the first thing you may think of doing when waking up is to eat your breakfast, some research does suggest that exercising before eating your breakfast can be extremely beneficial when it comes to burning up fat. This is because your body is forced to burn up fat as a source of energy if you are working out on an empty stomach, so working out before flooding your body with new calories can help you to lose weight.