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Preparing For ESL Programs In Miami

As an international student or professional attending one of the many ESL programs in Miami it can be difficult to know just what to expect. Most of the top schools will provide information on their website about daily routines and class times, but it is still often a bit of mystery as to what to actually expect when you arrive.

The good news is that Facebook and other social media sites can be a great source of information. You can join or friend the ESL programs in Miami and check in on what other students are talking about in relation to the course, the school and their daily routines while attending. You can also often pick up some great ideas of places to visit or check out when you in the city.

Prepare in Advance

If you are planning to attend ESL programs in Miami from another country you will need to have a tourist visa or other documentation, such as a student visa, to allow you to stay. You will also need a current passport to both obtain the visa and to enter the United States.

Depending on your country there may be other requirements for coming to the United States. Since getting these documents may be a lengthy process it is important to prepare in advance and ensure all your paperwork is in order before signing up for a class or booking your flights and accommodations.


Depending on your individual situation you may want to consider renting an apartment during your stay while attending ESL programs in Miami. These are charged on a monthly rate and give you your own shared or completely private living space.

The other option is to stay at a hotel or motel close to the ESL programs in Miami. However, for a really nice hotel or motel you will find that the cost is significantly more than an apartment and you will not have the space or the many features offered at top apartment complexes.


Regardless of the time of year you attend ESL programs in Miami you will have warm weather. Even in the coldest part of winter daytime highs are in the 70s and evening temperature rarely go lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Miami is a causal place with shorts, shirts and skirts common for daytime wear and causal suits and dresses appropriate for most evening events.

If you have any questions about what to bring contact the ESL programs in Miami and simply ask. Most will have a list of items they recommend you bring, helping you to have everything you need when you arrive.

Preparing in advance for ESL programs in Miami ensures that you are well prepared. To learn more see us at www.floridaenglishcenter.com.